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Review: Look Out! PlentyOfCheats.com Is Made To Cheat You Regarding You Money

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Website Details:


We simply did a fraud report on ZipCodeHoes.com last night and today we are exposing another website owned from the same individuals labeled as PlentyOfCheats.com. In addition these exact same folks own Fish4Hoes.com, PlentyOfHoes.com, WildSmash.com, SlagStreet.com, and SlagSearch.com.  All of these websites run the exact same, and additionally they look the identical. If you would like know very well what’s wrong with a number of Cheats you can read our complete investigative document below.

How Whole Deception Works

 You want to explain the entire deception really works. First of all occurs is you will find a meme or a screenshot of a text on social media marketing internet sites like myspace, or Twitter or Reddit. These sms, memes and development tales are all bogus. Normally just adverts concealed to look like funny memes and entertaining text messages and actual development tales. All this has been created and contrived because of the individuals behind PlentyOfCheats. The writing emails and memes are entertaining and what the results are is they end going viral, individuals express the memes, the screenshots together with brand new tales all across social media marketing sites. The result is no-cost viral visitors to their site.

And though it really is intended to be funny the true goal of these social media marketing posts is to find men and women to visit the site. There is going to continually be a certain percentage of men that may check out PlentyOfCheats.com. The goal is to get visitors to share these memes, have the memes going viral together with outcome is actually individuals will finish seeing their site. This is done free-of-charge, they never ever taken care of any kind of this widespread website traffic!

Examples Of Memes, Fake Text Messages  & Fake Information Stories

Below we have integrated screenshots of all phony sms, and development stories that we may find on the web. As you can plainly see the memes and sms tend to be amusing so they tend to be provided virally. Individuals always love to discuss amusing things on social media marketing. The owners of lots of Cheats have brilliantly used the art of comedy to deceive folks into marketing their unique fake dating internet site.

The screenshot under looks like text. But yet again this can be all trickery. This is certainly a fake text that makes it look just as if one buddy is actually speaking with another friend. One  buddy winds up visiting the internet site and then he locates his friend’s mother on the website. Obviously this never ever really taken place but the majority everyone is clueless to the reality and imagine this really is genuine. So they really display all of this over social media marketing helping the web page get countless new website visitors each day.

(Fake screenshot that tricks folks into going to their site.)

The following is a fake development story making it seem as if a man chose a companion from website and their girl arrived. You can realise why this “news story” would go viral, because it’s funny and alarming all-in similar breath. But it’s hardly ever really occurred.

(Screenshot of a phony news tale I became in fact simply a marketing gimmick.)

(Fakes screenshot of an artificial text message designed to deceive folks into checking out a number of cheats)

Under is actually a screenshot of a Facebook post which is had been purportedly published on Snoop Dogg’s authentic fb page. Again this Facebook blog post is actually advertising the website without any person actually realizing it.

(Fake text message intended to fool individuals into revealing it on social media marketing)

Here is a screenshot of a tweet we watched on Twitter. It’s simply another phony article always dupe men and women into checking out PlentyOfCheats.com.

(Tweet used to deceive males into visiting PlentyOfCheats.com.)

What Are The Results Once You Go Right To The Site

 Like we have already explained almost always there is gonna be a certain percentage of individuals who will end up seeing PlentyOfCheats.com according to the amusing viral posts which they see on Facebook, and Twitter etc. Once these folks go to the website, they will register and get in on the web site. When we visited PlentyOfCheats.com we clicked on the location that has been the United States. From there we had been rerouted to Go-Sex.com then towards the actual dating website which is sometimes called HookupDaters.com. For record we should instead warn you about Hookup Daters. It is not an actual relationship service. Hookup Daters appears genuine but it’s totally artificial. The profiles of females on the website tend to be fictitious. Any communications you will get are phony and delivered making use of computer software bots that imitates real women. The communications commonly sent from genuine ladies, software applications programs are responsible for the emails. The fake pages from inside the phony emails are common familiar with manipulate both you and pull the strings and that means you you will need to e-mail and deliver emails to females on this web site. The only issue becoming is you are unable to actually send email messages or any instant messages unless you purchase a monthly registration with the HookupDaters internet site. And that is the scam. They use fake memes and fake text messages to go viral, males next go to the web site, register following acquire a membership and also the last action will be the owners of the internet site get paid. They make hundreds of thousands and perhaps huge amount of money with this awful deceptive scheme.

Who Is Behind The Memes?

Many of these memes are discussed through different fb groups including one in certain called Savage Memes, together with Snoop Dogg (relating to many people on Reddit). We had been unable to discover any posts on Snoop Dogg’s schedule though. But we did get a hold of Snoop Doog advertising ZipCodeHoes.com.

  • https://www.facebook.com/2203416179947559/photos/p.2389579311331244/2389579311331244/?type=1&theater
  • https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2389579311331244&id=2203416179947559

How Will You Prevent Getting Cheated?

If you’re looking for government authorities to step-in and prevent these kind of internet dating frauds do not keep the breathing. We have been during this for more than 5 years today and several for the web sites that individuals’ve revealed in years past are nevertheless operating without problems at all. You will need to get things in the own fingers and commence utilizing commonsense using the internet. You’ll be able to lodge complains making use of the Better Business Bureau.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Product 4 Tristram Center Brown Lane West, Ls12 6Bf, Leeds, Uk
  • IP Address Of Host:
  • Identify Servers: ns.123-reg.co.uk, ns2.123-reg.co.uk

Contact Information:

  • Telephone:
  • Details:
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Final Choice:

If you sit down and extremely think about it the whole notion of generating artificial memes to drive individuals a dating website its brilliant but totally fake considering that the site isn’t really genuine. It’s still challenging understand that people in fact join a dating website after watching a funny post on Facebook. Regardless we highly suggest that you stay away from loads of Cheats and additionally Hookup Daters (both are artificial).

Research Females

Should you want to discover actual females, then have a look at these legit dating internet sites.

File A Written Report

  • Contact the higher company Bureau and register an ailment if you think that you’ve been scammed or fooled.


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